Friday, May 22, 2009

My Flower Child

On to the second of my neglected children in the way of photographs. I really need to carry my camera around more frequently. Lydia is my little emotional roller coaster. One moment she is flying high, and the next moment she's in the depths of despair because of something someone said or did. While my first born is my kitty, my second born is my flower.I tend to let the kids pick out their own clothes (unless we are going someplace special and I want them to look decent). Kara does a great job matching, but Lydia on the other hand, well let's just say Pippi Longstockings has nothing on Lydia. Because of her unusual style, she has become my little flower, and she loves the name.
Other things Lydia loves doing is riding her bicycle. In fact, she does a better job riding her bike than Kara does -- she's also braver as she's not afraid to bike down the hills. She also loves the color pink (which has been prescribed to her by Kara, and by the picture below you can tell she loves smores :)
Lydia has really sprouted up this past year. She went from being very quiet and hardly understandable to talking as much as Kara, and we can even decipher what she is saying. Right now, thanks to my little brother, Lydia has renamed herself Batgirl.

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juliechall said...

Very fun Tracy...I think she gets the "flower child" from her great-aunts :)