Wednesday, May 20, 2009

My Cowboy Farmer

Ok, I admit it. My two middle children are neglected -- only when it comes to picture taking. As I scrolled through my pictures to create this post about Andy, I found lots of Kara and lots of Ezekiel pictures, but I struggled to find a handful of pictures taken of Andy over the past few months. There are two reasons for this -- I never have the camara handy when Andy is being goofy, and Andy would rather be behind the camara seeing what is being filmed or photographed instead of being in front of it. So, even if I had the camara available for a photo, it probably would not get a good shot of my little cowboy.I think we are in the ideal location for my goofy son. Other than playing with basketballs, he is obsessed with cowboys and combines. What better place than rural America where ranchers and farmers are everywhere. Andy has become my little mimic. Everything Kara and Lydia does he has to be right there imitating. Whether it's carrying a baby doll, wearing a necklace, pretending to be super heroes, flying to the moon, or running away from the moon monster (a.k.a. daddy), Andy is right there in the middle of it.Of course, Andy is also going through the typical two-year-old stage. He has decided that he is his own man, and refuses to hear if something is not to his own liking. He is a smart little boy that loves counting. Andy frequently runs through the house yelling 8,9,10, or 2,3,4,5. He also has an unusual fascination with the term 89 dollars. I don't know why, but everything costs $89 in his book.He loves riding his bike. He is eagerly anticipating the day when he can graduate from his trike to his real bike with training wheels. Unfortunately he is a tad to short to for it, but the way he is growing he'll be riding it by the end of the summer.

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