Saturday, May 26, 2007

A Day with Aunt Beth

Last Tuesday Andy had an appointment in Wichita with his plastic surgeon (that seems so weird for me to talk about a baby w/ his own plastic surgeon). So, we drove down on Monday to spend some time with my family. My sister took off half a day of school (the day before her last) so we could spend some time together since she had to work that night. We went out walking on a trail on the outskirts of town and had a blast taking lots of pictures.

Elizabeth will make a wonderful mommy someday when she finds her Mr. Wonderful. For now she is making do with being a wonderful Aunt.

I couldn't get any pictures of Lydia on the trail
b/c she stayed in the stroller,
but she was having a blast at the playground.

Andy's first trip down a slide. He wasn't too sure what to think.

Andy was having a blast w/ Opa on the kitchen table before we played SkipBo

Andy and his wonderful surgeon -- Dr. Ferris. His checkup went well. Only thing we need to do now is massage his scar with vasoline to help flatten the scar. Next checkup -- In one year -- Hurray!!!

My Brother Timmy fighting the super villons

Okay, so he can't fly but at least he can jump!

My mom contemplating how people can
throw so much trash into such a beautiful area
(the river bed was full of garbage).

Aunt Beth with Andy again.

This is my favorite picture. Andy was having a great time,
and I think Elizabeth was also.

Attempting some practice poses before her senior pictures are taken

Showing Kara the leaves with
ladybugs crawling on them.
(My children are fascinated with creepy crawlies)

Daddy making music with the grass

Aunt Beth and Kara -- Kara absolutely adores Aunt Beth

College and Career Night

Last week, in order to welcome the college students home from BJU, we had a pizza and game night for the college and career group. JA and I enjoyed getting to know the college students, and I think we all enjoyed the pizza and playing Mexican Train. We were up until 12:30 playing -- A Late Night, but the time of fellowship was great.

By the way Alicia, to answer your questions, Kara has onions and flowers growing in her garden. In my garden I've planted tomatoes, cucumbers, pumpkins, cantelope, eggplant, corn, peas, beans, peppers, and carrots. The squash came up on its own (from last years garden). It's been great starting a garden in a location that already had an established garden because I've not had a huge amount of weeding to do.

Backyard Fun

After we got home from Wisconsin, we had several nice days, so the kids were able to have fun outside, and I was able to get my garden planted.

Kara's Garden and my overgrown onion patch


Okay, Here is the final post from our trip to WI -- Sorry it's been so late in posting.

JA and Phillip
Kara loves her Uncle Phillip

Family Picture -- Phil, Mom, Kara, Me, JA, Lydia, Julie, Andy, and Rob

Thursday, May 24, 2007

I've Been Tagged

I've been tagged to do this by Alicia and Carrie. After posting these rules, each player proceeds to list 8 relatively random facts/habits about himself/herself. At the end of the post, the player then tags 8 people and posts their names.

1. I have a love/hate relationship with traveling. I love visiting new places, but I hate driving and flying. The only way I can travel without getting sick is by boat.

2. Until Andy was born (for the last four years), I would tease JA about naming our first boy Onesimus Philemon because I didn't want to name him Jennings Andy Hall, IV.

3. While in college I developed an intolerance to several different types of fruits. Not the citris fruits, but the melons which I love -- watermelon, cantelope, kiwi, mango, and some grapes. When I eat them my mouth burns for a few hours (sometimes I eat them anyways b/c I just crave good sweet fruit).

4. I love having my feet rubbed/massaged. So JA lets me get a pedicure about twice a year so I can have my feet pampered (I'm long overdue b/c lately everytime I walk into a nails shop to get one, the shop has either a Hindu or Buddist altar set up -- this has happened in the last four shops I've gone into).

5. I can write with my toes.

6. I don't watch any TV (unless we are at someone's house and they have it on). Except for the few months we lived with my parents, I haven't watched TV since January of 2006. Now, we do watch movies that we already own, but usually only one a week.

7. JA and I dated for three months before we broke up. JA's dad's death is partly responsible for our getting back together.

8. In High School I would go rollerskating every Friday night. I would just skate around the rink for hours just thinking. Now, I do my best thinking when I'm walking with my mind elsewhere.

So, now I tag the following friends to post 8 weirdo facts about themselves. Consider yourself tagged Elizabeth, Julie, Bekah, Melissa, Nadine, Andrea, Phillip, Leah

Family Picnic

We had a great time picnicing with Rob, Julie, Phil, and Tata. We went to Dave's Falls. The kids had a great time throwing pinecones and sticks in the water. Kara was even able to get her feet wet a little.

Children's Museum

While we were in Wisconsin, we took the kids and JA's Mom to the Children's Museum in Appleton

Thursday, May 17, 2007

We are Finally Home

Okay, so we got home three days ago -- this is the fourth time I've written this commentary on our trip, so instead of repeating myself (I know, no one else got to read the wonderfal verbage I used to describe our trip) and losing it all for the fourth time, I'm just going to post the pictures. You'll have to use your imagination to fill in the gaps and all the fun creative things that happened.

Formal Dining with Children

Mississippi River -- Kara wanted to go find the bridge so she could walk across the river by herself.

Grandpa Jarrett Grandma Dorothy

I'll post more pictures in the next day or so. These were of our first two days

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Happy Birthday My Love

Happy Birthday JA -- I LOVE YOU

You are the most wonderful husband any girl could ever ask for. Thank you for leading me and directing me towards Christ. Your love and example continuously points me to our Lord and Savior. Thank you for being the most wonderful Father any child could ask for. You are always willing to read the kids a book, change their diapers, or just wrestle with them on the floor.

I hope you have a great day!!!!

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Just for Fun

Here are some pictures I took just for fun so you could see our whole family.

Andy is getting so big -- Sitting up and rolling over. I can hardly believe it's been six months already hmmmm, I guess it would be about time . . .

Happily playing with toys. He's just now sitting up for short periods of time.

Finally he is beginning to take a pacifier. Although, he doesn't know what to do with it -- just chews on the end like he chews on his fingers.
Totally girl she loves playing daddy's guitar. Good thing she gets a violin tomorrow -- Great deal a brand new $250 violin for $20 off of E-bay!

Daddy and his little man taking time to rest before a full day of preaching -- Andy likes to preach with daddy from his carseat.
Trying to be like big sister -- Everything Kara does, Lydia is sure to follow.
Thankfully it has more positive results than the negative.

Mom, must you really take a picture of me -- just let me play in peace.
Maybe we should go visit Tata in Africa so we can learn to play like the Africans.

Okay, if you really must take a picture let me move my toys.