Thursday, October 15, 2009

Greetings from Kampala, Uganda, East Africa

Wow, I can hardly believe that we left Kansas on Monday. I hardly even know what day it is today. This has been a very eventful and exciting week for our family.The first leg of our journey (after driving to Kansas City) started off with spending 1 hour and 45 minutes just checking in at the counter (not standing in line -- let me just say DON"T fly American Airlines). The kids had a fabulous time on the first flight from Kansas City to Chicago. We had a rush when we got off the plane to get to our next gate as they were already making the final boarding call when we stepped off the plane. Quite the rush :) Well, we made it on time and then sat on the tarmac for another hour with computer issues -- I guess we didn't need to hurry as fast as we thought!The nine hour flight from Chicago to London was also not to bad. The kids did great -- especially Lydia and Andy since they slept most of the way. Kara didn't sleep much but she did well, as did Ezekiel. He only fussed a little wanting to get down and explore.We had a great 10 hour layover in London. The kids enjoyed all the new books and toys that Tata had bought for them to play with. Ezekiel LOVED the opportunity to get down and crawl and get out his energy since he'd been strapped in for all of Monday and Monday night.

Our last flight from London to Entebbe also went well. Lydia and Ezekiel were asleep before we even ascended into the air, and Kara shortly after. I was even able to get about four or five hours of sleep on the eight hour flight.

We had no difficulty getting through customs and all of our bags arrived :) Three gentlemen met us at the airport and transported us to Kampala where we have spent the last two nights with Paul and Amanda Hudson and their family. The kids have enjoyed playing with their children, and last night we attended service at Gospel Light Baptist Church. (Right now I am watching a gecko crawling around our bedroom walls -- If I can get a good picture of him, I'll try to post it).

This morning we awoke after a wonderful nights sleep and had our first discovery of the difficulty of the travel on the kids -- Lydia was throwing up. About an hour later, Andy joined her in the sick room. After spending the morning throwing up they both took a nap, and praise the Lord, they seem to be healthy now. They were even feeling well enough for us to go out to dinner at a restaurant overlooking Lake Victoria.
The kids enjoyed looking over the balcony at Lake Victoria and the city of Kampala.

The restaurant was fabulous! I had the most wonderful Tilapia fresh from Lake Victoria. The kids split a fish and chips, and they were eager for more.We had a wonderful waitress who really enjoyed Ezekiel.

After eating mom took us to go visit another missionary family the Wallace family. We had a wonderful visit with them, and now have the children in bed since we have an early start tomorrow to drive to Soroti (a six hour drive and hopefully a stop in Jinja -- the source of the Nile -- on the way).

To see more photos of our first two days visit here

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