Thursday, October 22, 2009

Time is flying quickly by

Wow, it's hard to believe that we have already been in Uganda for over a week. We only have a week and a half left. Today I am taking a break from being out and about with the kids. They are beginning to get grumpy and whine, so we are staying at the house to see if we can recoup and return to good and joyful attitudes :)

This week has been a very busy week. Monday afternoon we went to go visit Stanley's father, and he gave Kara, Lydia, and Andy each a chicken. The kids also helped to pick oranges so we have enjoyed eating green oranges (they are ripe, they just don't turn orange). Also on Monday, we took a walk around the property and Mom showed us the banana orchard with lots of pineapple plants. We also walked past some orange trees. JA told Andy that these were orange trees, and Andy's first response was "No Daddy, those trees are green" He though JA was talking about the color of the trees :) The property also has a few Elephant Coconut trees, mango trees, and a garden that the kids have planted casaba, potatoes, and egg plant (probably some other things also, but I didn't know what they were).

Tuesday was a relatively quiet day. The kids spent a lot of time playing with their new friends, and I went to the supermarket with mom to get some dry milk and a lot more water. Our family of six goes through about 10 - 11 liters of water a day. I didn't realize we drank that much water until we started drinking out of bottles. Then, Tuesday night we attended devotions with the children at the property.

Wednesday morning, JA was gone from the house at 7:30 since he was speaking in chapel. After JA returned, Kara and I took some meat over to the property to get it started in the crock pot for supper, then we walked with Beatrice to the market. I must say that I am very proud and surprised at Kara. We walked an hour in the heat just to get to the market, and she did not complain. We had emptied her backpack, and once I bought the potatoes and carrots for dinner she was eager to have them placed in her backpack. I think Kara enjoyed the market, and she took a lot of pictures (I can't upload any more pictures until later b/c we have to go to the radio station to upload). Then we stopped at the supermarket and each of us bought a soda which we had to drink there since we have to return the bottles (it doesn't make much sense to me, but that's what they do). Then as we got ready to head home, we met what Beatrice called a crazy man probably from prison. He was asking me for sunscreen. I don't know why since the Ugandans don't burn, so maybe he was a little crazy.

We spent the afternoon resting, and then we went back to the property for dinner with mom. At five o'clock we attended prayer meeting. I was not able to pick Pastor Milton's English last night, but the sermon by Dad Dwire (the missionary we are staying with) was very good. We came home, and we were all in bed by 8:00. I think if we were back home and going to bed at 8:00 I would think we had gone crazy.

That brings us up to today where my kids are currently resting, and I have been preparing to speak to the ladies on Monday. Please be in prayer for Monday afternoon. I do want the Lord to use me as I minister to these women and share what God has been teaching me this past year. This will also be my first time speaking through an interpreter, so please pray that I will be able to speak slowly and remember to pause after each phrase and sentence.

JA is preparing to go visit a village with mom tonight. I know most of you who read my blog are currently sleeping, so have a good night --I'm going to go get ready to fix lunch now.

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Karis said...

Very, very interesting. How amazing to have all those fruit trees on the property! We don't see that right around us in the city.

An hour walk to the market -- yikes! And the heat beats on ya. Did you take an umbrella? :-) I used to think it was funny seeing people carrying umbrellas open when it wasn't raining, but then I walked in the hot sun and realized why!

And the green oranges -- oh yes.

I'm so glad you're getting to blog like this so you can keep these memories with you over the next years.