Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Visiting Great Oma

We had a wonderful time visiting with Oma. Lydia adored Oma and loved smiling and laughing with her. Kara was a little bit slower in warming up to her. We love you OMA! It was hard to leave Oma because this may very well have been the last time we get to see her. Oma has been very special to me and she has taught me so many things. I remember every summer after we moved to WI I would go spend a week with Oma and Opa. I also remember having to run just to keep up with her because she walked so fast. I also had the priviledge of living with her for a semester before I got married while I was teaching in Chicago. Having been through WWII in Holland, Oma told me so many stories. I wish now I would have recorded her experiences or at least written them down.

Good Bye Northland

Kara had a wonderful time with Carissa's kids before we left. Lydia loved being able to explore her new surroundings. Thank you Carissa for helping to make the transition easier for Kara.

Kara loves the piano, so playing the piano with Chloe was a lot of fun for her.

Kara's other good friends include Sarah and Alayna. Isaiah was up visiting.

For the last two months Kara has been a part of Heston and Kelli's Sunday School class. She has enjoyed going to church every Sunday.