Saturday, March 22, 2008

18 Weeek Pregnancy Update

Friday marked the start of week 18 for me and Baby. Wednesday we had a doctor appointment and the baby's heartbeat is 160. My blood pressure was normal, and I am certainly feeling lots of movement now (and the doctor finally believes me that I was feeling Sammy a few weeks ago. Everything seems to be going well.

Now, you've noticed the baby currently has a name. Let me explain that. A few weeks ago, Kara wanted to know the baby's name. I told her that since we didn't know if the baby was a boy or a girl the baby didn't have a name, but if she wanted to give it a name until it was born she could. Her first choice was Baby Jesus (obviously not going to work). Her second choice was Baby Samuel (sorry Uncle Sam, I think it was her Sunday School influence :) ). So we settled on calling the baby Sammy. JA and I will be renaming the baby when Sammy is born, but until then it really seems to help Kara talk to and love the baby.

Question for you: What did you call your baby while you were pregnant? and did you let your kids share any part of naming the baby?

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Last Month's Fun

This past month has been full of fun and exciting times for our family. Especially this past week. We had the joy of 50 - 60 degree weather for most of this past week, so we took our dog for a couple of walks and the kids had the opportunity to go to the park 4 times in one week. We really had a great time together as a family.
Here is Andy in the Choo Choo Train
Lydia had a blast driving the tractor.
Climbing the monkey bars for the first time -- Can you find her eyes?
Kara loves to climb
Down the slide
Andy wasn't too thrilled with any of the playground equipment,
but he enjoyed running all over the place.
Kara was pushing herself and Lydia on the merry go round
While the kids played JA had Shalom running around the park.
Mommy Help me, I'm in jail.

Last month my parents invited us to join them overnight at a hotel with a water park. So for a wonderful Valentine's gift to ourselves, we spent Feb 15-16 at the water park. We had a wonderful time -- especially the kids. Kara wasn't willing to go down the slide, but Lydia loved it.
Andy was grumpy at the kiddie pool, so instead of taking him to his room to nap, JA spent about 2-3 hours on the Lazy River with Andy sleeping on him.
Lydia loved the water and seemed to have no fear. (unless we let go of her in the big pool)
Andy and Oma having a blast in the kiddie pool
In the big pool with Opa and Uncle Timmy
I finally convinced mom to go down the water slide with me, and we tipped.

Friday, March 07, 2008

Home Schoolers Alert

For those of you who home school your children, or are planning to home school your children, please listen to this broadcast from Focus on the Family.

California's Threat to Homeschooling Families
Friday, March 07, 2008

Here is another website explaining the decision in California. I would write more about this right now, but my time is limited and I wanted to help you be aware of this.