Saturday, March 22, 2008

18 Weeek Pregnancy Update

Friday marked the start of week 18 for me and Baby. Wednesday we had a doctor appointment and the baby's heartbeat is 160. My blood pressure was normal, and I am certainly feeling lots of movement now (and the doctor finally believes me that I was feeling Sammy a few weeks ago. Everything seems to be going well.

Now, you've noticed the baby currently has a name. Let me explain that. A few weeks ago, Kara wanted to know the baby's name. I told her that since we didn't know if the baby was a boy or a girl the baby didn't have a name, but if she wanted to give it a name until it was born she could. Her first choice was Baby Jesus (obviously not going to work). Her second choice was Baby Samuel (sorry Uncle Sam, I think it was her Sunday School influence :) ). So we settled on calling the baby Sammy. JA and I will be renaming the baby when Sammy is born, but until then it really seems to help Kara talk to and love the baby.

Question for you: What did you call your baby while you were pregnant? and did you let your kids share any part of naming the baby?

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Karis said...

Hmmm... from that heartbeat right, I would guess you're having a ... just kidding. I know that's an old wives tale.

We love to get our gender surprise halfway through and because of this we can call the baby by name. Kayla liked that when I was pregnant with Krista.

Thanks for posting the pictures. I think pregnant people are so cute.