Monday, August 10, 2009

Works of God Monday

I am so thankful for how God has worked in our lives over the past two weeks. Two weeks ago, I was discouraged and overwhelmed. Last week I was excited to participate and enjoy Vacation Bible School, and this week I have the opportunity to reap the harvest from our garden.

I praise God for the bountiful harvest he has given to us. I have an abundance of peppers and tomatoes on my plants. Hundreds of flowers blooming on my beans, and today was able to harvest and freeze most of my corn from my garden in only three hours.

At 9:30, I tackled the garden with two crates and my clippers. I trekked through the corn and pulled all the corn that was ready to be picked and cut down all the stalks that were not bearing ears (or no longer had ears because I took them all). I also cut down any stalks that were showing ear fungus (so that it wouldn't spread to the remaining corn).
We then came inside and put Ezekiel in the jumper while Kara, Lydia and I husked the corn washed and blanched it. When JA and Andy came home, JA cut the corn off the cob while I bagged it for the freezer. I praise the Lord for 20 bags of corn (2 cups each bag).
Also, last night I was able to cook and can nine jars of salsa. Two weeks ago I canned three jars of banana peppers.

However, the greatest harvest I observed this past week was not in the harvest of my garden. As a result of Vacation Bible School we had the opportunity to see two first graders come to know Christ as their Savior. No bounty from my harvest even begins to compare with that of reaping souls for eternity. The Lord blessed our ministry of Vacation Bible School, and while we did not have great numbers, we had a very profitable week of reaching out and getting to know the kids that attended.

Friday, August 07, 2009

I don't understand our World

I have to tell you that I do not understand our world. When there are so many couples in our country longing to hold a baby in their arms, how can we as a nation justify allowing a baby to die just because it was born during an abortion.

There is no question in my mind that abortion is wrong, but I can't understand how even those who are for abortion can stand by and watch a helpless child be MURDERED because he wasn't supposed to be born.

We serve a righteous God who cannot look upon sin.

Mr 9:42 And whosoever shall offend one of these little ones that believe in me, it is better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and he were cast into the sea.

God will judge us as a nation. For those of you believers who think that because you are not partaking in such gross sins you will be spared judgement, BEWARE. We are partakers of this sin as much as our country is for we are responsible for who we allow to make our laws. Please take time to repent of complacency and step up and take a stand for the Righteous Living God demands of us.

If you disagree with me about being a participant, please examine Daniel 9. While Daniel was not an idol worshiper, he still accepted the responsibility and prayed for his nation as a collective whole (including himself).

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Monday, August 03, 2009

And the Winner is . . .


Okay, I confess, the giveaway is a bit more than the $30 I promised, but I don't think I'll hear anyone complaining about that. As I started putting it together I was getting excited to draw the name.

Here are the products that Alecia has won, and believe me these are some of my favorite:
Lotus and Bamboo Nourishing Body lotion
Oil-Free Eye Makeup Remover (If you wear eye makeup, this is a MUST have)
Timewise 3-in-1 Cleanser
Cellu-Shape Daytime Body Moisturizer Travel Size
Cellu-Shape Nightime Body Gel Travel Size (Alecia, I am NOT saying you need this)
Ultimate Mascara - Black
Eyeliner - Taupe
Eye Color Quad - Simply Neutral
Lip Color Duo - Garnet/Gold
And two perfume samples - Belara, Tribute
Purple Make-Up Travel Bag

Again, I want to say congratulations to Alecia for winning my Birthday giveaway. I had so much fun doing this, I may just have to try this again -- Maybe I'll bring back something from Africa to giveaway in November :)

Works of God Monday

Wow, God has done so much in my life this week. This week has been a difficult week for me emotionally, between weaning Ezekiel, preparing for VBS, and turning 30, my sensitivity, stress, and mood was pulling me down to the bottom. Yet, I praise God for always knowing what we need when we need it. Friday morning I logged onto Facebook, and a friend had posted in her status a quote that read "Don't tell God how big your mountains are, tell your mountains how big your God is." Bamm, I got hit right in the head with that one. I had spent most of the week dwelling on how tired and discouraged I was instead of focusing on how great and awesome my God is. Really, now that I look back on last week I don't quite understand why I was so down and out. We truly had an amazing week.

I am thankful that JA was able to make it and be at the hospital for two of our church family that were having serious surgery this week (one a knee replacement and the other heart surgery). I'm thankful for a pastor we never met before being willing to open up his home so JA could spend the night in Lincoln and be at the hospital for a friend's surgery at 6:00 in the morning.

Yesterday was a wonderful time of fellowship with our church family as we decorated the church for VBS with decorations we didn't have to make (Thank you Fairview Baptist and Bible Baptist churches for the amazing decorations).

I even praise the Lord for Ezekiel's high fever yesterday that left him drained of energy and tired. Had he not been sleeping most of the day yesterday I wouldn't have been able to be as helpful with decorating.

I also want to praise God for the opportunity we have to have VBS this week. We don't have any kids registered yet (other than my own), so I am praising God for the kids He is going to bring us and the opportunity to reach out to our community.

My God is So BIG and GREAT. HE IS FAITHFUL! As we studied in Lamantations yesterday, God is always the same. If their is a change in my relationship with God it is because I have turned my focus away from him. I pray as Jeremiah did "Lord, turn my heart to you."

Growing Up

Ok, I know that four isn't a big milestone year for most people, but to me every birthday is a big deal, and shows that another year of life has flown by. This morning I sent Lydia off to VBS without mom and dad for the first time. She's finally old enough to go without mommy and daddy right there. I say finally, because last years she has attended VBS but wasn't old enough to stay alone.
Lydia has been a blessing. She is my sensitive one, but she is also my girly girl. She loves to put on makeup and wear necklaces and rings. But, she also loves to go out and roll around in the mud. While Lydia is still not the easiest child to understand (she's a mumbler), she is always quick to say I love you.
Lydia is a bouncer. She is always bouncing and jumping in the house, and usually hurting herself because she will bounce into the table, a chair, the dishwasher (yes you read that right). She is always good at making you laugh, although you better make sure she knows you aren't laughing at her or she will burst into tears.
Lydia is also my quiet one. She is so used to standing in Kara's shadow, that around people she can become quite shy. However, once you get to know her she warms up to you and becomes one of the most loving children on the planet.

Well, My little girl turns four today.


Saturday, August 01, 2009

No Longer in my Twenty-Somethings Giveaway

Since I am turning 30 today, I wanted to host a giveaway (thank you Jenny for the wonderful idea). If you are interested in winning $30 worth of Mary Kay beauty products, please leave a comment in the comment section of this post what you like or think you will like after reaching the age of 30 (if you are posting as anonymous, please include your e-mail address so I can contact you if you are the winner). Since I am so late in putting this post up, I will leave this giveaway open until 12:00 noon on Monday.

The products will consist of an assortment of beauty products which may include makeup and facial care. This giveaway will be limited to the United States since I cannot legally ship makeup outside of the country (per my consultant agreement).