Monday, August 03, 2009

Works of God Monday

Wow, God has done so much in my life this week. This week has been a difficult week for me emotionally, between weaning Ezekiel, preparing for VBS, and turning 30, my sensitivity, stress, and mood was pulling me down to the bottom. Yet, I praise God for always knowing what we need when we need it. Friday morning I logged onto Facebook, and a friend had posted in her status a quote that read "Don't tell God how big your mountains are, tell your mountains how big your God is." Bamm, I got hit right in the head with that one. I had spent most of the week dwelling on how tired and discouraged I was instead of focusing on how great and awesome my God is. Really, now that I look back on last week I don't quite understand why I was so down and out. We truly had an amazing week.

I am thankful that JA was able to make it and be at the hospital for two of our church family that were having serious surgery this week (one a knee replacement and the other heart surgery). I'm thankful for a pastor we never met before being willing to open up his home so JA could spend the night in Lincoln and be at the hospital for a friend's surgery at 6:00 in the morning.

Yesterday was a wonderful time of fellowship with our church family as we decorated the church for VBS with decorations we didn't have to make (Thank you Fairview Baptist and Bible Baptist churches for the amazing decorations).

I even praise the Lord for Ezekiel's high fever yesterday that left him drained of energy and tired. Had he not been sleeping most of the day yesterday I wouldn't have been able to be as helpful with decorating.

I also want to praise God for the opportunity we have to have VBS this week. We don't have any kids registered yet (other than my own), so I am praising God for the kids He is going to bring us and the opportunity to reach out to our community.

My God is So BIG and GREAT. HE IS FAITHFUL! As we studied in Lamantations yesterday, God is always the same. If their is a change in my relationship with God it is because I have turned my focus away from him. I pray as Jeremiah did "Lord, turn my heart to you."


Mary Ann said...

Tracey, your post is such an encouragment. Isn't it silly how we spend time feeling tired/discouraged & then later realize there was really nothing to feel down about? Our God is so big & powerful - I'm praying that He does a mighty work during your VBS!
*Happy belated b-day, too! :-)

TwoMuths said...

I will be praying with you for VBS this week - and thank you for sharing your testimony! The "hard for us" weeks aren't so easy (for me) to share, but it is always such an encouragement to remember that God is BIG. Thanks!