Monday, August 03, 2009

Growing Up

Ok, I know that four isn't a big milestone year for most people, but to me every birthday is a big deal, and shows that another year of life has flown by. This morning I sent Lydia off to VBS without mom and dad for the first time. She's finally old enough to go without mommy and daddy right there. I say finally, because last years she has attended VBS but wasn't old enough to stay alone.
Lydia has been a blessing. She is my sensitive one, but she is also my girly girl. She loves to put on makeup and wear necklaces and rings. But, she also loves to go out and roll around in the mud. While Lydia is still not the easiest child to understand (she's a mumbler), she is always quick to say I love you.
Lydia is a bouncer. She is always bouncing and jumping in the house, and usually hurting herself because she will bounce into the table, a chair, the dishwasher (yes you read that right). She is always good at making you laugh, although you better make sure she knows you aren't laughing at her or she will burst into tears.
Lydia is also my quiet one. She is so used to standing in Kara's shadow, that around people she can become quite shy. However, once you get to know her she warms up to you and becomes one of the most loving children on the planet.

Well, My little girl turns four today.


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