Friday, February 22, 2008

Pregnancy Update #1

Baby #4 is well on its way. This week I entered my 13 week of pregnancy. Monday afternoon I had a doctor's appointment and the opportunity to hear Baby Hall's heartbeat for the 1st time. Baby's heart beat was 150. So far everything in the pregnancy is going well. I've gain only two pounds so far (I'm hoping to keep my weight gain below 15 pounds for this pregnancy).

My doctor did order an ultrasound this week, so Kara and I went to the hospital on Wednesday to go see the baby. Kara was quite bored with the experience, but she is really excited about the baby and was glad to see it. The heart beat on Wednesday was 160. Baby looks great -- it has two arms, two legs, a torso and a head :) This ultrasound was done mostly to verify baby's due date which is currently set for August 25. The ultrasound would push it back to August 30, but all of my ultrasounds moved the due dates back a week and each kid was born 10 days before the original due date. So I doubt my due date will change.

Not much else is happening with the pregnancy -- I believe I may have felt the baby move a couple of times (although my doctor highly doubts it). Morning Sickness is still raising it's ugly head (especially when around bad smells, so we are burning lots of candles until we can open windows and air out the house).

That's about all I have for an update now. I can feel my skirts beginning to get tight around my waist, so I think another week or two I'll be pulling out the maternity clothes.

Question for You? How far along were you before you had to start wearing the maternity clothes?

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Photos For Tata

I got your e-mail today. I'm sorry mommy has not put up new pictures of us recently. She hasn't been taking pictures of us. But don't worry, she took a bunch of pictures tonight so she had some to put on the blog for your friends. I met your friends right after I was born and mommy and daddy took a weekend vacation to MN. Shalom is a good puppy although I don't play with her very much yet. It is very cold outside, and mommy doesn't let her in the house. When I do go outside and play with her, she scares me. Shalom likes to jump up on me, and then she grabs at my pants with my teeth; so mommy or daddy has to be outside with me when I go to play with her. Hopefully she will calm down and we can play more. I do like taking her out for walks although mommy and daddy won't let me hold the leash.

I miss you very much, and I can't wait to see you next year when you come visit. Here are the pictures for you; I even played my violin scales for you so you can hear me play the violin. I love you Tata! Hopefully I can call you soon and talk to you.