Thursday, February 21, 2008

Photos For Tata

I got your e-mail today. I'm sorry mommy has not put up new pictures of us recently. She hasn't been taking pictures of us. But don't worry, she took a bunch of pictures tonight so she had some to put on the blog for your friends. I met your friends right after I was born and mommy and daddy took a weekend vacation to MN. Shalom is a good puppy although I don't play with her very much yet. It is very cold outside, and mommy doesn't let her in the house. When I do go outside and play with her, she scares me. Shalom likes to jump up on me, and then she grabs at my pants with my teeth; so mommy or daddy has to be outside with me when I go to play with her. Hopefully she will calm down and we can play more. I do like taking her out for walks although mommy and daddy won't let me hold the leash.

I miss you very much, and I can't wait to see you next year when you come visit. Here are the pictures for you; I even played my violin scales for you so you can hear me play the violin. I love you Tata! Hopefully I can call you soon and talk to you.


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