Friday, January 11, 2008

We have a New Family Member

Since before JA and I got married, I knew we would one day get a dog. I also knew we would not be getting a small dog. So, I've always been adamant that the dog would always stay outside. I have also been very sure we would never get a Blue Heeler or a Blue Heeler mix (I was severely bitten by one when I was 9).

Well, Monday night we went and picked up the kids last Christmas Present -- A 6 week old puppy. We named her Shalom for two reasons. First of all because I like the name, and second
of all because we want her to be a peaceful dog. You see, Shalom is a mix. Her mother was a Chocolate Lab/Yellow Lab mix. But her father was a Blue Heeler. I'm still shocked that I consented to get a blue heeler mix, but she is a very sweet dog and we will be watching carefully to make sure she doesn't show any signs of aggression.Andy had been hitting her, and when he fell down Shalom went over and started licking his face.
Our adorable new puppy
Lydia also enjoys Shalom
Shalom's new home -- OUTSIDE!
Mommy, Help me I'm tired of being licked (after he finished trying to rake her)


carissa said...

great pics/ recipes/ christmas program...etc.
As you can tell, I just got caught up with MANY of your posts :) Hope you're doing well. Your kids are growing very fast!!

Alicia said...

What an adorable puppy dog! Bet the kids are going to love playing with Shalom and helping you take care of him.

Jon and Lacey said...

Adorable puppy!!!! Hope your kids help you take care of her :) She's beautiful!

robertlhall said...

Can you help me convince Julie that we need a dog??

partyofsix said...

congratulations! what an adorable doggy. i am so happy for you and your kids! yay!

Mary Ann said...

Cute doggie! I hope that you are able to train her so that you never have to feel uncomfortable with her around you & the kids. I would love to have a dog, but with 14 hour work days a couple times a week, it's SO not gonna happen!