Friday, May 23, 2008

Zoo Trip with Oma and Opa

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Last week the kids and I went down and spent a week with my parents. One of the days we were there we took a trip to the zoo. The day was a perfect day for a zoo trip because it wasn't hot, cold, windy, and the animals were all very very active. The first stop was the chimps and one of the chimps kept jumping against the window. Another one was chasing someone, and one of the chimps even came up to the window and banged it right in front of my brother.

The lion was another active animal that I've rarely seen moving about when visiting a zoo. The lion came right up to the window to get a drink of water. Andy was roaring at the lion and then the lion roared. It was great. The lion then walked in front of Andy and then proceeded to do his business on the window right beside us.

I have a lot more to post about our trip to my parents, but that will take a few more posts.

Here are some fun videos from the zoo trip.

Friday, May 09, 2008

Keeping Busy

This week I've had quite a bit of things on my To Do List. The largest project on my list was to pain the trim around our front door, garage door, and the gutter on the lower level of our home. Since this was my biggest project, JA and I decided to tackle it on Monday since the rain seemed to be holding off. One problem -- three little children who love to get involved and help. I definitely don't want them anywhere near the front of our house with paint, so we came up with a new project for the kids to do while we painted. Kara, Lydia, and Andy all had the privilege of washing the car while JA and I worked.

The idea was a tremendous hit. The kids loved splashing in the water, and JA and I were able to work without much interruption and still keep an eye on the kids. I am sure we will be taking advantage of this activity a lot this summer. Here are the pictures of the kids washing the car.

Monday, May 05, 2008

Works of God Monday

This week was full of blessings, but the two biggest blessings happened over the weekend.

1. I had the opportunity to attend a ladies breakfast at a church just south of town. The speaker spoke on "The Choice is Mine." She focused on how Ruth exemplified all of the fruits of the Spirit in her life through her actions and responses. Being devoted to God is a choice, not a desire that I just passively wait f0r.

2. The second blessing was that Kara actually got over her fear of being in front of people and played both of her songs at her violin recital (at the Christmas recital she refused to do anything).

If you have a Work of God testimony to share, post it on your blog and and then head over to Jenny's blog to add your testimony to the Mister Linky.

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Violin Recital

Today was Kara's spring recital. She had two songs to play, and I was more than a bit nervous that she would refuse to play (like she had in her Christmas recital). Kara, ever the one to surprise me did a fantastic job playing her songs for the recital. I've included two videos of each of the songs she had to play today.

This first song is entitled Bile Then Cabbage Down on the E String.
Believe it or not, she is reading the music for this first song. I have been amazed at how well her violin teacher works with her and how much Kara has come to understand about music and the violin.

This second song is called I'm a Little Monkey played on the E String and G String.