Monday, October 05, 2009

September Parades

September is the month for celebrations in our community. We have two local parades we were able to attend and the children had a blast. The first parade, Kara was able to ride in and throw candy. The second parade the kids enjoyed working together to collect as much candy as they could. Kara keeps telling everyone that she is going to share the candy with the boys and girls in Uganda when we leave next week.Ezekiel and I were waiting for the parade to begin.

Kara running out to collect the candy while Andy faithfully holds the bag. I'm not quite sure what Lydia's job was.
The kids loved all the bouncy inflatables at both parades.
I just had to show you Ezekiel loves eating the bounty from the garden -- especially the red tomatoes. We had to keep him blocked from entering the kitchen until I had my tomatoes canned because he kept going after them. I was continuously finding him eating my tomatoes.
Kara in her first parade. You can see her in the front corner of the wagon.

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