Friday, October 16, 2009

Travel through Jinja

Today was quite a day of travel. I have to say it seems like we have been traveling for days just to get here to Soroti. We left Kampala at about 10:00 this morning and traveled up to Jinja where we saw the source of the Nile. As full as our truck was, it was quite empty compared to the Taxi's and trucks we passed with people hanging out every which way. Andy sat on Mamayi Stanley's lap (Uncle Stanley since mom has taken him in as a son). Kara sat in the middle, and Lydia say on JA's lap.
I don't have a picture, but Ezekiel rode on my lap for the entire trip. He did surprisingly well and slept most of the day. I even took a couple of catnap's in the truck as my internal clock is not yet on this new schedule.We stopped in Jinja for lunch and took a few minutes to visit the Nile river and see the source of the river where Lake Victoria empties into the Nile River.The source begins just on the other side of the island in the picture above.

And for all of you who know I enjoy a good cup of tea every now and again, we passed a few different tea plantations on our way up to Soroti. Below is the picture of the plantation as we drove past.
Tonight I was given a great honor. Stanley asked me to play the part of an Auntie in his introduction ceremony tomorrow. Unfortunately I am not able to since mom's Gomez (a traditional African style dress) does not fit me -- a requirement for the ceremony. I will be content with taking pictures and video taping parts of it. Depending on what time we get back tomorrow night I will try to update.

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Karis said...

I got a chuckle out of your mention of your vehicle not being full at all compared to the taxis and buses around you. Isn't that so amazing? And in the crazy heat!?!

Love the picture of Stanley and your children. And what an honor to be asked about being a part of the introduction ceremony -- I'm not sure what that is exactly but I know their ceremonies are very meaningful.