Thursday, May 03, 2007

Just for Fun

Here are some pictures I took just for fun so you could see our whole family.

Andy is getting so big -- Sitting up and rolling over. I can hardly believe it's been six months already hmmmm, I guess it would be about time . . .

Happily playing with toys. He's just now sitting up for short periods of time.

Finally he is beginning to take a pacifier. Although, he doesn't know what to do with it -- just chews on the end like he chews on his fingers.
Totally girl she loves playing daddy's guitar. Good thing she gets a violin tomorrow -- Great deal a brand new $250 violin for $20 off of E-bay!

Daddy and his little man taking time to rest before a full day of preaching -- Andy likes to preach with daddy from his carseat.
Trying to be like big sister -- Everything Kara does, Lydia is sure to follow.
Thankfully it has more positive results than the negative.

Mom, must you really take a picture of me -- just let me play in peace.
Maybe we should go visit Tata in Africa so we can learn to play like the Africans.

Okay, if you really must take a picture let me move my toys.


Shannon Smith said...

Very cute pictures! Your kids are growing up so fast.

How is Andy's lip doing?

carissa said...

adorable! Can't wait to see you in a few days :)