Monday, April 30, 2007

It's a Birthday Party Adventure

Kara's birthday cake turned up missing -- Who could have swiped her cake? Well, we all know who that was -- Swiper. Well, before we began searching for the cake, Daddy read Kara and all of her little friends the story -- A Birthday Party for Boots. This helped get all the kids ready for the party seeing as how only one of the kids really knew Kara. We tried playing Dora, Boots, Swiper (Duck Duck Goose), but apparently none of the other kids had ever played it before.

Then, all of the kids got their backpacks and headed off on our adventure to find the cake. The first stop was to help Isa the Iguana get the flowers their color back. Each kid had to take the chalk out of their backpack and color one of the flowers.

Then, following the map we made our next stop at the slide where the kids had a nasty run in with Swiper. They had to climb the ladder and each child had to say Swiper no Swipping in order to rescue the birthday balloons for Benny the Bull.

After rescuing the balloon and coming down the slide, our next stop was the Pirate ship where each kid got to blow bubbles and steer the ship across the ocean. Afterwards Swiper (JA) returned the cake which he had stolen.

After the kids ate and had cake, Kara opened her gifts and then the children played. She had a wonderful party, and now Mommy can't wait till all the kids are in bed so she can take a nice hot relaxing bath.


Alicia said...

GREAT JOB on that Dora cake! And what a creative idea to do an adventure like Dora does! Way to go, guys. For the record, I don't know the swiper thing either. :) Enjoy your bath!

Tfipps said...

Great Job Tracy!!! I hope you post those on the NBBC Mothers site on Facebook so everyone can see your ideas for a Dora B-day Party!

juliechall said...

What a cute idea Tracy and Happy Birthday Kara! We are looking forward to seeing you guys next week. It is coming fast. We have enjoyed having Mom Hall with us. The week has gone quickly, but it has been nice. Have a great weekend and stay in touch while you are traveling!