Friday, April 13, 2007

Spring Cleaning

Inspired by Carrie's posts concerning her spring cleaning, I decided it was time for me to do a thorough cleaning of our home. We've only been her for two and a half months, but I know there are areas of the house I have not yet cleaned. So, because I tend to run out of motivation for cleaning I decided to start w/ the rooms that would least motivate me to clean (probably b/c they are all ways getting messed up.

Yesterday I washed the bedding, flipped the kids mattresses, scrubbed their floors, organized their dressers and closets. Here are the results.

We do have some more plans for the kids rooms. The girls need a new dresser b/c the one they have is too small, and it keeps falling apart. We are also hoping to get a large beanbag for their reading corner under the canopy.

In Andy's room, Uncle Phillip is going to draw a cowboy mural on his wall, and then I will paint it for him. Planning and deocrating the kids rooms have been so much fun.


Tfipps said...

Way to go with your spring cleaning...I've been doing some of that, but I think it is my "nesting" instinct setting in!! Love the color on the girls walls - looks like a violet color?!

juliechall said...

I was spring cleaning too last week! I didn't get everything done like I would have liked to, but oh, well. It's the effort that counts. Hope things are going well for you. Rob is going crazy with his school work, but he's almost done.

See you guys in a few weeks!