Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Easter Memories

These pictures are not in order because for some reason blogger is not loading them correctly or letting me move them around in my post. So, please be patient as you scroll down.

This year I did not buy Easter dresses for the girls. Instead, I rummaged through their summer clothes to see if I could find some summery dresses that they had not yet worn to church. I found this dress for Kara that I had purchased for $2 at JC Penny's in the fall of 2005.

Yesterday, the day after Easter we went shopping in Salina. The first time I've been to Wal-Mart in two months. Unfortunately it showed by the amount of items I purchased. Anyways, They had all of their Easter baskets on sale for 50% off. I was able to find two princess Easter baskets for $7. The baskets came complete with costume, tiera, scepter, shoes, necklace, earings, ring, and of course the candy. The girls loved being able to play with them this morning.

All dressed up in their princess getup. Kara is ready to issue some commands, while Lydia looks on like now what am I suppose to do with this?

Lydia's dress is my favorite dress that either of the girls have owned so far. I had Kara wearing this dress all of the time, and since it looks so great on Lydia she will probably have the same fate. It reminds me of Kim Anderson photos.

My three adorable children on Easter morning. Isn't that little boy handsome in is vest and tie! I praise the Lord for how He has blessed us and provided more than we need.
The week before Easter, I found a great muffin pan at the dollar store that made muffins in the shape of bunnies and eggs. I made some small cakes and frosted. Then, we decorated our eggs (well, Lydia decorated a bunny)

I think more docorations made it into her mouth than onto her bunny.
You can see that Kara was intent on decorating her egg. Although, I wonder what happened to all of the chocolate chips.
You can see Daddy is proud of his egg. Andy watched intently as daddy decorated his egg. He has become very eager to try all of the foods that we have on our plate. But for now, he must remain content with cereal.
Yesterday while we were in Salina, we stopped at McDonalds because they have a greta playland for the kids to play on. We found out that they have great toys right now -- The Wizard of Oz characters. After purchasing three happy meals, we just paid $3 to get the rest of the characters (with the exception of the wicked witch).
This pirate has taken captive the Good Witch Glenda (we got her b/c she looks like a princess) from the Wizard of OZ and the Royal Scepter.


Kelli said...

Tracy: I love the girls Easter dresses and thier dress up outfits. What a find! Andy looks so handsome in his vest & tie. The girls did a great job decorating the cakes. I am sure that was fun!

Alicia said...

Looks like Kara really enjoys dressing up and pretending! Where'd you get the pirate outfit?

Those dresses are adorable! I can see why you like the polka-dot one so much.

God is SO GOOD to give you extra special blessings of a trip to wal-mart, cheap easter baskets, and a nice playland at McD's. Little things like that remind me of how much God loves to lavish us with His goodness!

Tracy said...

We got the pirate outfit in the Dora Pirate ship we got the girls for Christmas (It came w/ two pirate outfits).

Tfipps said...

I love hearing about others' good deals...nothing better than that!! Kara is growing up so fast!!! I love the princess outfits that they got!