Thursday, May 07, 2009

Correct my view of self

Job 6:24
Teach me, and I will hold my tongue; Cause me
to understand wherein I have erred.

If ever there was someone who felt like he was being judged by God, it was Job. Even Job's friends were convinced that God was punishing him, and they made sure Job knew their opinion. Yet Job knew of no sin in his life to be punished for. This verse comes as Job's response to his accusers. In this verse, Job is not admitting to having sinned, but asking his accusers to be more precise in telling him where he sinned. While Job is not admitting sin, he is also not stating that he is without sin.

When I am confronted by another regarding a sin in my life, what is my immediate response? Most likely my response is one in defense of myself. Attempting to justify sin is a very easy thing to do. However, the Bible tells us that sin is not to be justified. A pragmatic approach to life is not a holy and godly approach. God is holy, and I must always choose righteousness and obedience regardless of how painful the outcome may be.

Getting back to the verse. When others raise an accusation before me, or confront me with a sin they think I am dealing with, I need to hold my tongue and listen. Before responding and defending myself I need to hear out their argument and then examine myself to see if they are indeed speaking truth. Only when I have examined myself can I verbally respond to their accusation.

Is there iniquity in my tongue?
cannot my taste discern perverse things?
Job 6:30

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