Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Day Activities

This year we didn't do much for Memorial Day outside of our own home. I was late getting my garden planted, so Saturday JA and a gentleman from our church tilled my garden and yesterday, I finally got my garden planted.

My front flower bed which I finally laid down a soaker hose and then mulched yesterday. I think it looks drastically better this year :)

My blueberry bed that JA built for me -- it has three blueberry bushes, and some small plants just to add a bit of color to the corner of the yard.
My strawberry plants are just amazing this year. I think we planted between six and eight plants last year, and now we have over 50 (and that's after giving some away). Today I was able to pick twelve ripe strawberries, but we have many more that we will be enjoying in the next month.
My peas are doing phenominal this year. The last two years they died, so I moved them and I think we will have an abundance of peas this year.
here is the side view of my garden. You can see all the pepper plants that were given to me, and yesterday I went and bought six banana pepper plants that already have peppers on them -- Hurray!!
Here is the side angle you can see our compost bin in the back corner. Up front by the garden fence is some tomato plants, and the big bush on the side is my rhubarb plant which looks like it has no desire to give me any ripe rhubarb this year -- not even a trace of red stem -- Am I doing something wrong?

For more pictures of my garden and the kids, check out my facebook photos.

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Alicia said...

Wow, you are an ambitious gardener! Can't wait to see how it all turns out! Good luck with the rhubarb.