Saturday, May 16, 2009

My Child -- A Child of God

I can't think of a more precious moment in Kara's life, than the moment that I was able to share in a few months ago. Kara and I were sitting at the breakfast table, and she said that when she was 30 she would become a Christian. Sitting across from her I simply inquired as to why she was going to be waiting until she was 30. Her answer surprised me -- "I don't know the right words to say." She stated it so matter-a-fact as if mom, don't you know that I'm too little? With joy I asked her if she wanted to know what to say, and she quickly replied Yes!Taking her into the living room, we sat down with my Bible and I began by asking her to tell me why she wanted to become a Christian. She knew she was a sinner, and she could tell me exactly who Jesus was and what He did for her in dying on the cross. She wanted her sins to be gone so she could obey God.

I felt so honored and privileged to sit beside her and pray with her as she asked Jesus to forgive her for sinning and be her Saviour. She then proceeded to thank him for saving her.

Since her salvation, I have had no doubt about the veracity of her profession. She is constantly wanting to pray and talk to God. She is also continually reminding her brother and sister that they can't go to heaven because they are not Christians. She has even taken it upon herself to witness to Lydia and make sure Lydia knows how to become a Christian -- in fact, the other day she came downstairs telling me Lydia was a Christian because she (Kara) helped her pray. I then had to explain to Kara that Lydia did not yet understand everything she needed to in order to make that decision herself, but I did encourage her to continue talking to Lydia about Jesus and how to get saved. While my eldest still remains a little spitfire with extreme problems in the area of obedience and attitude, I have been blessed to watch her relationship with God grow.

Frequently I will find Kara walking around the house singing:
There is Only one way to get to heaven,
Jesus is the only way
No other way, No other way
No other way to go,
One way God says to get to heaven, Jesus is the only way.

or she'll be singing

My heart was black with sin, until the Savior came in,
His precious blood I know, has washed me white as snow,
And in His Word I'm told, I'll walk the streets of gold
To grow in Christ each day, I will read my Bible and pray.

The pictures above are of Daddy presenting her with her first Bible containing both the Old Testament and New Testament. We gave it to her to remind her of the decision she made the day she accepted Christ as her Savior.


Karis said...

This is my heart's desire for my girls. I almost cried reading this. Praise the Lord for giving childlike faith to young and old alike.

Mary Ann said...

What a blessing! Thanks for sharing.