Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Spilled Milk

Yesterday, JA came home with a gallon of milk. The milk had leaked in the van, but as occasionally happens we assumed the leak came from the lid. However, we were drastically wrong. The milk was rinsed off and placed in the fridge right away. Seriously as hot as it's been lately I don't want to leave it out any longer than necessary.

This morning we awoke to an unpleasant surprise. The kitchen floor had a puddle of milk directly in front of the refrigerator. Opening the fridge we discovered a shelf and three drawers with milk accumulation. As you can imagine, the first part of our morning was spent cleaning up milk. I am hoping we were able to get all of the milk cleaned up, because in our current 90 degree weather, it won't take long to discover if we missed any.

As I was cracking the milk covered eggs into a dish this morning I was reflecting on trying to see God in this situation, and immediately I thought about sin. Sin is a lot like a drop of milk. You can be a very good person -- never cheating, never committing murder, never committing adultary, never stealing, or any other big sin, but one little sin is enough to mar you. Look at it this way. If my kitchen and refridgerator were completely clean, I mean not even a speck of dirt to be found, and yet I allowed a small puddle of milk to remain in the hidden spot under the fridge, what would happen to my kitchen within a few hours of this 90 degree weather? It would stink -- HORRIBLY! Now, God and heaven are absolutely perfect -- not a single speck of sin. To allow even the most kind and loving, and good person into heaven would mar its holiness.

Yet, just like a cloth of soap and water can cleanse my kitchen of the milk before the stink occurs, God has also offered a remedy so that we can join Him in His home. The remedy is quite simple -- Jesus Christ. You see, Jesus made a sacrifice -- a perfect sacrifice. Because Jesus walked this earth without commiting a single sin, He willingly gave up His life on the cross to die. His precious blood was spilled and the blood has covered and cleansed my sins. However, this is not just a blanket cleansing. We must come to God and confess our sins -- apologize for our disobedience to Him and ask for forgiveness and cleansing of our hearts. This is not an easy step because it requires us to reject our pride and come before Him in humility. Just like my fridge could not clean itself, we cannot cleanse ourselves of our sin. We must turn to Jesus Christ.

I urge you, don't allow your sin to cause you to stink so that you are rejected at heaven's gate. Confess your sins today and ask Jesus to save you. He loves you, and He wants you to join Him in heaven someday. We can never be good enough because sin stains. Only after we have been cleansed can we see the Kingdom of God.

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