Wednesday, June 17, 2009

God's Goodness

I just want to take a few minutes today to share some of the blessings God has provided for us.

The first one is of God's incredible mercy and protection. I had the opportunity this past weekend to take all four kids down to my mom and dad's for Elizabeth's engagement party. While at the party, the kids were playing on a swingset and the swinging was causing the leg of the swingset to lift off the ground. When it came back down it landed on Andy's toes. I praise the Lord that Andy had kept his shoes on -- I am confident that had his shoes been off he would have lost two of his toes.
Another blessing was the amazing weather we had all weekend. The weather forecast was showing storms for the whole weekend, and I was praying that the weather would be nice so that we could all go to the zoo on Monday. God answered my prayers and stayed off the rain until after we were well on our way home from the zoo.
I am also very greatful for the strength and alertness God gave me as I drove home. I was exhausted on the drive home, by God's grace we were able to make it home without any problems -- and very little fighting among the kids which is amazing since they stayed awake the whole trip home.
Then of course the greatest blessing God has given me besides His amazing gift of salvation is the wonderful and amazing husband I have. JA was willing to let me be gone for the entire weekend, and he kindly let me sleep in on Tuesday to catch up on the lost sleep from the weekend.

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