Sunday, February 25, 2007

A Day for Baking

Well, since Katie put out her post about how the wheat bread was nothing more than dark white bread, I've been making my own bread. (I did know that the cheap wheat bread wasn't healthy, but I was trying to encourage myself by saying at least it wasn't white bread). My bread maker has been working overtime this week -- I think I've made almost a loaf a day. I didn't realize how much bread we went through.

Anyways, with today being Sunday, all three kids and I took a nap. When Kara woke up from her nap she wanted to help me. I only had two slices of bread left, so Kara helped me put together all the ingredients for the bread in the bread maker. After we were done making bread she wanted to bake some more. She picked out a cookie recipe (Chocolate Chip of course), and then she preceded to bake cookies.
The baker has to stir the batter
Then she must add the flour
Then comes the chocolate
Stir it all together and bake
Oh, we can't forget to clean up where we were baking

We had a lot of fun in the kitchen today!

And of course we must always enjoy the fruit of our labor.


carissa said...

hi tracy! Great pics. They made me smile. I loved the post about disciplining in LOVE!!! Thanks for the reminder. I've been thinking a lot about how I correct my children. Thanks for the challenge about Proverbs as well. I'm doing the workbook for my devotions out of Shepherding a Child's Heart.
Have a super day. We're snowed in!

Alicia said...

Love Kara's little apron! Looks like you have a great little helper!

Kelli said...

Looks like Kara had a wonderful time baking cookies. Do you have a specific recipe that you use for wheat bread? If you wouldn't mind passing it on I would appreciate it! Thanks!