Sunday, February 11, 2007

Last post before the Surgery

Currently, we are still on track to have Andy's surgery on Tuesday. Andy is healthy, and the girls are healthy enough to travel now.

I would be lying if I said I wasn't nervous about his surgery, but I know this is what the Lord has for our little man right now. I hate the idea of him being put under while he's so young, but I have confidence that the Lord will bring him through again. I praise God that Andy's surgery should not be difficult. Please be praying for Andy as he undergoes his surgery Tuesday morning at 7:30 a.m. Also, I ask that you pray he can ward off any sniffles or nasty bugs until after his surgery (and preferably after the stiches have disolved). Thank you for your prayers!

Now, on a lighter note

Uncle Rob -- Are you proud of me? Can you give me some lessons whenever you come visit?

Kara has developed a new fascination for JA's guitar. She has always had a love for music and instruments, but now that we finally have a real instrument in the house she is thrilled!

This is our mode of transportation for going to church. Andy seems to enjoy the sling, and that wagan is the fastest way for me to get the girls to church without chasing them out of the road :-) They also enjoy their ride.


Alicia said...

Love the sling and wagon! I have a sling that I used constantly for Chloe when she was smaller.

We'll be praying for the surgery to go well! God is good and He'll protect your little guy. It's so much harder to trust that God is good now that I'm a mom. I just want to control and smother. Praise God for His wisdom and grace through this parenting adventure.

Kelli said...

I will be in prayer for Andy's surgery tomorrow morning. May God comfort you through that time.
That picture of Kara is neat with the guitar.

robertlhall said...

will be praying for the surgery, and yes, I will be happy to show Kara some tips for making noise out of that instrument.

Carrie said...

Praying for you guys today, and I trust that everything went well with Andy's surgery. I can relate a little bit; Sam had hernia surgery at 10 weeks old, which was very scary to me. And that's not as big of a surgery as what your little guy is going through! As mommies, it is very hard to not worry and just leave our kids with the Lord. But He always gives grace and peace for the difficult things! I pray that Andy's recovery will go smoothly and that he won't be in too much discomfort from the surgery.

Cute pics, by the way!

Hunter Happenings said...

Hey Jay and Tracy,

I was just messing around and set up a blog. I never knew so many Northland people were I miss you guys a ton, I never thought I would ever find you again. I hope you are doing well. Hope to talk to you soon.