Friday, February 23, 2007

Yesterday and today the weather was beautiful, and since we are suppose to have a blizzard tomorrow and possible hail and tornado's tonight, I thought I had better get the girls outside while I could.

Here are some pictures of the girls playing in the back yard today. Kara wanted to play with her gun (a marshmallow shooter), so after lunch I brought them up from the basement and the three of us headed outside.
Kara is protecting the ship while Lydia steers the ship.

Oh know, here comes an enemy ship.
Here Kara and Lydia have become soldiers. Kara of course
is the leader telling her sister what to do.

Yesterday after naps, I piled the girls up in their wagon (JA came home while Andy was napping so I could take the girls out), and we walked three blocks to the city park.
Here Lydia discovers how much she enjoys swinging on a big girls swing.
Kara and Lydia love spinning on the merry-go-round -- of course, Lydia spends more time on her bottom then on her feet here since she has a hard time balancing.
"Lets go bring in the harvest. Mom, you ride in the trailer while I drive."
Lydia has found herself a home inside the choo choo train
Kara and Lydia have climbed to the top of the mountain. Now, what are they to do?

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Alicia said...

Glad you all got some sunshine before the bad weather comes through! I would have loved to do that with Chloe today but we are still covered with melting snow and mud everywhere. I doubt our park would have looked that clean! What a blessing to have such a great park only 3 blocks from home! I'm sure you and the kids will get a lot of use out of it this spring and summer.