Saturday, February 17, 2007

My Dinning Room

Last night after the kids were all in bed, JA helped me hang some more things on the walls of our home. We decided to focus on the dinning room. Here are the results
The picture next to the cabinet is of JA dressed as a Knight, and I am dressed as a princess.
These plates used to be JA's great-grandmother's dishes

Sorry, I know this one is a little dark but I had to close the blinds in order to be able to get this decent of a picture. The basket on the table is one Phillip gave me when he came back to live in the states -- Thank you Phillip.

I've been having so much fun decorating and setting up home. So much that I've actually been able to keep the house semi clean -- An amazing feat for me.


Anonymous said...

House looks great Tracy! Beautifully done! mandy

Alicia said...

You must be so thankful to finally have a home to call your own! Love the built-in cabinet and dishes from JA's great-gramma. Did you paint the walls that dark blue or were they like that already?