Friday, February 02, 2007

A Long Trip

Well, we have completed our traveling (at least for long distances) for hopefully a long time (or at least until Phillip's graduation). I am sorry it has taken me so long to update, but we just connected to internet last night. I will probably create a new post everyday for a few days in order to update everything.

Our first stop on our trip to move was at my Opa's house. It was wonderful being able to see him and my uncle again. My Aunt Billie stopped in to visit also.

As you can see from the pictures above, Opa was a big hit with Andy and Kara. Tuesday morning, Opa found a cartoon channel for Kara. So, Kara found the most comfortable seat in the house -- Opa's lap -- for the entire morning. Lydia was too interested in playing with the remote or chasing the dogs.
I enjoyed having Billie stop in for a few minutes to chat. I woke up both of the girls so she would have a chance to see them.

As much as I enjoyed this visit, it was also a very emotional visit for me. I know this poem that follows is a bit long, but I think it covers the whole gamut of what I was feeling.

Where Were You

Today we stopped in for a visit

Like we have done so many times before.

I had so much to tell you,

so much has happened since we last talked.

I came to show you my son,

And listen to your stories of parenthood.

Yet something was missing

We visited with Opa at dinner

and ate his hamburger spinach.

Kara and Lydia shyly played

and chased Crystal and Bobbie.

Aunt Billie came by

And we talked like we had in the past

Yet something was missing.

We sat down with Opa to play

The games we’ve played in the past

And then I looked up

to watch you sleep in your chair.

I discovered then what was missing

The chair sat empty in the corner

You are what was missing

How could I think this visit was normal

As though nothing had changed.

Of course things were different

For you are no longer on earth.

I could not show my son

Nor converse as we had done before

You were missing from here.

Emotions came rushing about me

I still don’t know what to feel

To sort out my thoughts

And understand this confusion

Reality finally hit me

I finally am forced to admit

That you are no longer with us.

Confusion tumbled about me

Why did things have to change.

My heart has so many questions

Yet I know my place not to ask

Disappointment came down upon me

As I realized my dreams unfulfilled

My son I brought with me

Your eyes were not to behold

Sorrow about o’er whelmed me

When I realized your life has been passed

On earth I never would see you

And then tears touched my eyes.

As quickly as the emotions came

rushing and sweeping about me

my heart was uplifted

As Christ brought fresh to my mind

Yes your life here is over,

But you are not gone

For In Heaven you live.

Comfort than touched my heart

At the thought or you in Heaven

Walking without pain

Loving without hinderence.

I rejoice at the thought of my Oma

Walking upon streets of gold.

Singing with voice uplifted

Praising my Savior and hers.

For you pain has ended

Sorrow has ceased

For in Heaven you live.

I can picture you now up in Heaven

Gathering the children around

making them baskets of yarn

Filling them with the candy of love

And now I must trust to my Lord

The Oma I have adored

For with Him you now live.

My Oma I thank you

For all you have given to me.

You’ve taught me to have courage

And to trust with my heart not my mind

You’ve given me a heritage

That I must now pass on

For you have given me love.

I Love you Oma


Tata said...

Dear Tracy,
Thank you for taking the time to share your visit with Opa. Those are great pictures. Oma and Andy (Senior) have a lot to visit about in Heaven. Love you, Mom

Anonymous said...

We are grateful for God's open door for you all. Thanks for the poem, It was great. Love you all much,

Anonymous said...

Hi Tracy,
Glad your are home and that your trip went well. I always enjoy reading your blog. I have been praying for you on your trip and enjoyed the pictures.
Love, Mandy