Saturday, February 03, 2007

Unpacking is loads of FUN!!!

Since Sunday I have been steadily trying to unpack boxes and discover what was in each box. Unpacking has been a bit of a challenge since the house was not completely ready for us yet. The painting in the kitchen was not finished until Tuesday (the same day our refridgerator was delivered). However, the kitchen is the one room I have completely finished (other than mopping the floor). Here are some pictures of my kitchen.
The windows look out into our fenced in backyard (hurray -- great for small children). You can see the front of the fridge. When we purchased the fridge, I didn't realize how big it would be!

I am really excited about having a double oven. So my food can all be warm when I need to set it on the table.

This last picture shows you a more realistic picture of the colors in my kitchen. The red is very bright, but I was so tired of white walls that I wanted to keep my house bright. The theme of my kitchen is a coffe theme! The one appliance I am the most excited about is a dishwasher. Now I don't need to use a straw to clean out all the little crevices in the sippy cups.
These dolls belonged to Oma, so I am thrilled to be able to have them up in my home. Someday I'll pass them on to Kara and Lydia so they can remember their dutch heritage (something I am very proud to be).


Tata said...

Dear Tracy,
I love the red- that's a great color. Congrats on the dishwasher and double oven. I love the dolls. How special to pass on something that was your Oma's. Thanks for the pictures.
Love you,

Josh & Bekah said...

What a great kitchen. We can't wait to see all you've done to make a home. I'm so glad you'r updating again. :)