Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Thank you

Thank you to everyone who offered their advice. I hope I didn't come across to indicate that Kara is always terrible (although on certain days it may seem that way). The day after I made my previous post, Kara decided to be extremely sweet. Despite the fact that she was sick and wouldn't eat or drink much, she insisted on helping me to wash dishes.
Here is Andy's new favorite toy
Did somebody say Hawaii? Wait, let me get my purse.
Mmmm, Mom, this puppy chow is good. It doesn't taste anything like the puppy chow I ate at my great Opa's.


Alicia said...

Aww, what cute little ones you have! It's nice to see that your girls ponytails don't stay in like Chloe's. Chloe is way too busy to let me do her hair every 30 minutes. Glad God gave you a good day with Kara. Seems like He does that with me and Chloe too. God is so good!

Natalie said...

Keep posting pics! I love it!

carissa said...

Hi Tracy! I am so glad to see your pretty kitchen! You're doing such a great job and I am sooo happy for you to have such a beautiful home! I will be praying for you regarding Kara. I need prayer regarding Emma. It's been rough lately. I know God is powerful though and His Word is true: sharper than any 2-edged sword piercing the heart... He is faithful inspite of us! Keep depending and doing what you know is right. God will bless you!!