Saturday, February 10, 2007


I must tell all of you women out there who read my blog that I have the most wonderful man in the entire world. For all of you who are single, I guess you'll have to settle for the next best thing.

This week all of the females in our family were hit hard with the flu (I'm pretty sure it was the rotovirus - but no definite diagnosis). Kara started off the week by getting sick Sunday afternoon. Lydia got hit with it Tuesday night, and then I got hit with it late Wed. night. Thursday I was totally wiped out -- I couldn't even go up or down the stairs without collapsing. So, for majority of the week JA became the sole caretaker of Andy with the exception of feedings. I was so thankful for a husband willing to take his son to work with him so we could keep him healthy for his surgery -- of course it does help that work is right across the street :-)
JA even gave Andy his first bath in the bathtub today. Usually I put the kids in the bathtub as soon as their cord falls off because it is a whole lot easier for me than bathing them in the sink and I never wanted to spend the money to buy a baby bathtub. However, up until a couple of weeks ago Andy's belly button was still oozing, so I waited to put him in the tub until I knew he was completely healed.

Today my dad, and two of the men from his church -- Thank you Wes and Bart and Dad!!! -- brought up the remainder of our furniture. We had purchased some leather furniture for our living room. My wonderful tremendous detail-oriented husband spent about two hours tonight making sure all of our leather furniture was properly treated with the leather protectant. I'm so thankful that JA is so detail oriented. Too often I complain about him taking too much time on the details, but I know if he did things the way I typically do things, nothing would be done well.


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Alicia said...

Praise God for the perfect-for-us husbands He's provided! Though I disagree, I actually have the best hubby in the world. :) Hope you all feel better soon.