Saturday, March 03, 2007

I will Trust in Thee

This past week has been a week of trial and difficulty for JA physically. Last Saturday, JA began complaining about a sore throat. By Sunday night it hurt for him to swallow. Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday he seemed to be improving. After preaching Wednesday night he struggled quite a bit with swallowing. By Friday morning, he was having difficulty breathing. We went to the doctor Friday afternoon, and the declared that he had a very bad case of tonsillitis. They gave him a antibiotic shot to help him get a jump start on fighting the infection. We got home and he slept for two hours. After that, he couldn't lay down and breathe. So needless to say neither of us got much sleep. At 2:30 in the morning I called the hospital, and they told him to come in so they could give him an antibiotic intravenously and they could monitor him. At 10:30 I was able to bring him home with strict orders to drink, drink, drink -- not to mention the other antibiotics. Please pray for JA as he rests and gets better. I praise the Lord for his provision in allowing my mom, sister, and brother to be coming up this week. I don't know what I would have done at 2:30 this morning had they not been here -- drag all three children out of bed?

JA's breakfast tray this morning consisted of jello, apple juice, and . . . salt? What was he suppose to do, put the salt on his jello? Anyways, the comedian that he is pretended to salt his jello before I fed it to him -- oh, the pain of being an invalid!

Now for the other young man in my family who has also had a difficult month.
Here is Andy before his surgery

Here is my baby right after his surgery. The poor boy had staple holes in his nose, and his nose kept bleeding. In fact, he was hungry but so out of it that he wasn't even able to eat right away.And here is my adorable little man now. Can you tell that he has
had work done? He is a sweet boy.

As trying as this month has been on my men, It has been excruciating to helplessly watch them in the hospital. I praise the Lord that I know He is the great physician and can heal all of our earthly and spiritual diseases. I will bless the Lord at all Times; His Praise Shall continually be in my mouth. What a blessing it was for me this morning to be able to read to JA from the Psalms while he lay in the hospital.

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samantha said...

What a cute little boy!!! I'm glad he's doing well since his surgery. I'll pray for JA.