Friday, March 23, 2007

Not Just For Boys

Today I was able to document a suspician that I had. Little girls enjoy playing with bugs and worms as much as Little boys.

I was inside cleaning the house, and suddenly realized I had not heard any screaming or fighting coming from the backyard for awile. I looked out the window, and Kara and Lydia were squatting down around a worm and squelling with delight everytime it moved.

They were even more excited, when Kara handed the worm to Lydia and she broke it in half and both halves of the worm were still moving.


Alicia said...

What fun! I LOVED playing with worms when I was little. My dad would even take me digging for nightcrawlers sometimes. As long as they wash their hands afterwards and don't eat the worms, I say more power to your girls!

Carrie said...

Tracy, I loved reading this--the last part about Lydia breaking the worm in half was hilarious! :D

Sam hasn't yet discovered worms. But I'm sure he will get a chance this summer, as I hope to have a garden. Julia has discovered bugs (unfortunately, because she puts everything she finds in her mouth). We have a fly problem in our house, I think mostly because it's under construction, and she has picked up dead flies a couple of times but thankfully hasn't eaten any yet. I did find a dead ant in her diaper one day, though--gross!!! I guess she found one on the floor that I had missed. I felt a little better when I rememebered that some cultures eat bugs as a delicacy--but I don't plan on letting her make a habit of it. :)

juliechall said...

You need to stop that now Tracy - those girls can't play with worms - :)
Hope you guys are doing well!

Tfipps said...

So cute!!! Love that!

Leah (Parrish) Millan said...

Oh yeah! I love the added detail of the worm squirming after it was cut in half. Oh well-- thank the Lord for free entertainment (not so free for the worm, though).