Friday, March 09, 2007

From Rags to Curls and much much more

With the warm weather we've been having, I've not been nearly as good at blogging -- that and it seems like each week I have less and less time.

Anyways, this week I tried a new way to curl the girls hair and I love it. It is so easy. The hardest part is getting Lydia to stand still.

I was really surprised at how well Lydia's hair curled. I knew Kara's hair would curl because she already has a lot of natural curl, but Lydia's hair has always been straight with just a few strands that curl. Now all I have to do is figure out how to arrange the rags in their hair to get the curls to end up in the right spots.

This is one of my favorite outfits on Andy. It helps make him look a little bit older and bigger (He's only in the 10th percentile for hight and weight).

And, I just realised that I neglected to post the pictures from my family's visit. Unfortunately, I was too busy running JA to and from the hospital and Dr.'s Office to remember to take a whole lot of pictures, but we did get a few after church on Sunday before everybody left.
Here is Oma and Andy
Here is Uncle Timmy and nephew Andy

Here I am Happy with Aunt Beth

Eew, no kisses please!

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Pastor Tom said...

the girls hair turned out really well! the pictures look better than they did over the webcam! and Andy is adorable as usual, I mean he is my little prince!! Except that pic of me looks horrible! it makes me look like i have a double chin!!!!!!!! well talk to you later.
Elizabeth Marie