Friday, March 16, 2007

My Living Room

I apologize for the delay in posting pictures of my Living Room. We've had it done for a couple of weeks now, but b/c I've had other things to post about (and still do) I've neglected to post. I have had a lot of fun trying to decide how to decorate and arrange my living room. In another year or two, I hope to get a coffee table and some end tables but for now TV trays work great. The girls have learned that they aren't allowed to bring toys upstairs; but they have a bunch of books in a basket here in the living room that they are allowed to read when they are upstairs (they are free to be upstairs or downstairs whenever they want, we are just attempting to keep the toys in the playroom so we aren't constantly tripping over toys).

JA gave me this folding picture frame for our second valentine's day together :) The couple in the wedding picture is my Oma and Opa. I'm hoping to put my parents and JA's parent's wedding pictures up on either side of this one once I get them (that's a hint for you mom and dad).

Because the emphasis in our home is God and the family, we've chosen to try to decorate as much as possible with family pictures and scripture. JA scripted the words Faith, Hope, and Trust so that we could remember that we need to place our faith in the Lord, have confidence that He will accomplish His will in our lives, and trust Him even when the storms come.

I love these pictures we got from JCPenney's for $15 -- To me a great find and deal. The one on the left is I Corinthians 13 a passage are planning to have the girls memorize soon. The frame on the right is the Fruits of the Spirit. I am trying to surround myself with Scripture so that my focus is continuously directed back to Christ and so that my times of discouragement (such as in my previous post) are far and few between -- which they have been.

I do want to say thank you to those of you who encouraged me and offered suggestions after my last post. Let me explain the situation behind this for you. We are in a very small church -- in fact, on Sunday mornings there are only two other women who regularly attend. One woman takes the girls in Sunday School - Andy will join them once he can walk. The other plays the piano for services. Therefore I feel I can't ask them to take the girls in nursury so I attempt to sit through services and keep the girls quiet (we believe Church worship should be a family activity so definately no babysitters at home unless one of the kids is sick). Wednesday nights I take the kids into the Sunday School wing for Kid's club. Just this last Wednesday night Andy was fussing and wanting to eat, and the girls were both being disobedient and picking on each other thus resulting in screaming. After 5-10 minutes of trying to get them to stop I just packed everyone up and brought them home and put them in bed.

I do love and enjoy the church, and I am very thankful for the ministry the Lord has given us here. Wednesday night was just a night that I needed to cry (I hope you women understand that need at times), and my blog/facebook seemed like a good sounding board after I spent time reading and praying. Maybe I posted in haste, but I praise the Lord for your suggestions some of which I tried and others which I will try. I will let you know what finally works.


Alicia said...

WHat a beautiful living room! I hear ya, I want to have scripture around the home too so I can focus on truth and Christ. We don't have money to spend on decor right now, but I've got my eye on some verses from

Alicia said...

I love that you have so many photos of family around too! I bet that helps keep the girls connected with their far-away relatives.

Our church has an awesome nursery ministry so I don't have any experiential advice for you. Be encouraged! I'm sure it's a long process to teach children how to behave and enjoy church!

Conleys said...

I love your living room. The curtains and furniture are beautiful as well as the pictures. JA did a great job scripting the words on the wall. I totally agree about having Scripture in your home. I have been able to find verse prints really marked down at Christian bookstores that are just beautiful. I really feel like when people come into your home that they should be able to see that Christ is preeminent like we say He is. Plus that it is a great reminder to me when I'm tempted to to be self-focused to see words that point me back to Christ.

Carrie said...

I too love your living room, and the God/family focus! It all looks so homey and inviting.

I wanted to let you know that I answered your question re: bread on my blog, and also posted a bread recipe and some pizza dough recipes for you, finally! Hope it will be helpful.

Tfipps said...

Wow! Tell JA "excellent job" on the words on the wall! I would have a million jobs for Rob to paint if Rob had that talent!!