Thursday, November 18, 2010

Seven Days till Thanksgiving

Today, I am thankful for many things, but due to my own tiredness and inability to focus tonight I'm going to stress only one.

I am thankful for organizations that help make me aware of issues going on in our country that I am not typically aware of.  One such organization is One Million  If you have never heard of OneMillion Moms, I encourage you to go check out their website.  They are helping give mothers like me a voice to let businesses and other companies know how I feel about their support of inappropriate TV shows as well as inappropriate ad campaigns.  A recent one that I participated in involved Wrigley's Chewing Gum.  Apparently Wrigley's has put funny sayings on the inside wrapper of the gum.  I don't have a problem with this, but I do have a problem with my children unwrapping gum and reading a statement about undressing you with your eyes.  This leads my children's thoughts down a road they have no business going.  One Million Moms notified me by e-mail of this either yesterday or today.  I simply clicked and was able to use a form letter and adjust as I saw fit.  E-mailed Wrigley's and have already received confirmation that Wrigley's is pulling this saying out of their gum packages.  If you are a mother looking to have a voice and let companies know what you don't want them supporting.  Come join One Million Moms.

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Alicia said...

Wow, what a wonderful organization! Thanks for sharing!