Friday, November 12, 2010

14 Days until Thanksgiving

Thankulness -to show or express appreciation or gratitude to, as by saying “thank you”

I am thankful for God's mercy.  I am undeserving of all that God has given me, and yet He continues to provide and bless our family.  
I am thankful for my husband, J.A.  He truly is a blessing and one of a kind.  He takes an active role in parenting.

I am thankful for Andy and Ezekiel and the endless entertainment they provide as they wrestle, and sword fight, and run around the house.

I am thankful for Kara and Lydia and the decision they have made to give their lives to God.


juliechall said...

What a wonderful blessing family is!!! And something I often take for granted. I'm so glad you have been so purposeful this Thanksgiving - it's a challenge to me because I feel like I'm barely keeping up with daily life (and I only have one kiddo!). Love you guys.

Tracy said...

This has been a huge challenge to me to keep my focus on the blessings of the day. I too often find it easy to get overwhelmed by everything that goes wrong (and there is plenty of that).