Sunday, August 06, 2006

A Week of Birthdays

We had a very busy week this week. Tuesday was my birthday, and since JA was going to be at the church all day and then going on visitation Tuesday evening, I invited a couple of the college girls over for some games (I just didn't want to spend my birthday by myself at home after putting the girls to bed -- of course I could have taken the opportunity to go to bed earlier).

Lydia's 1st birthday was on Thursday. We didn't do much to celebrate it on her birthday because we were going to be visiting a couple different families from the church. We gave her one birthday present on Wednesday -- her 1st real doll, and then we gave her the remainder of her presents Thursday morning -- the tug boats, and a doodle pad. Kara seems to enjoy Lydia's presents as much as Lydia and has now begun to ask when is Kara's birthday. She walks around the house singing "Happy Birthday to you."

Because I'm having difficulty loading the pictures from Lydia's birthday party, I'll post them some time next week.

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