Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Some fun Pictures of the girls

A couple of weeks ago, one of the college girls from the church -- Laurie Reed -- came over and took a bunch of pictures of the girls for me. She did a wonderful job both in capturing the girls personalities, and some of the unique things about the farmhouse. Here are a few of my favorite pictures.

Lydia absolutely loves going up and down the stairs. She makes me a little
nervous, but she has been doing so well. She loves to climb!

Both Kara and Lydia love playing outside. Next to the house there is a
large patch of wildflowers that the girls enjoy picking.

Kara, ever my explorer was thrilled when we said she
could go in the garage (only for the purpose of
obtaining this picture though).


Leah (Parrish) Millan said...

Cute pictures! I love the curls :) My husband has great curly hair, and I just have this feeling that our boys will get the curly hair and the girls will get mamma's straight hair :) I need to learn how to do that friends link-- I've been wanting to do that for a while. Thanks for including me :)

Josh and Bekah Jones said...

I'm glad ya'll are haveing a great time serving the Lord in Canada! Give Kara & Lydia a hug and kiss from Aunt Bekah ;)
We are in Alabama right now. I know I need to update but life has been one big whirlwind after another lately. God has been blessing showing us His power day after day. I'll update our blog as soon as possible.

carissa said...

the girls are adorable! I love those pics! You'll have to enlarge them in different sizes for your walls! I'll come and help you when you move. I bet you're getting sad to leave (unless God's allowing you to stay??) Thanks for keeping us updated so well with the ministry and your family life. I just finished my Bible Study today. It was so good! We're starting the DVDs next week....wish you were here!!!

Carrie said...

Hi Tracy! I haven't gotten to comment in a while, but I've been keeping up with your blog through the summer. The girls are so cute; I love seeing the pics of them. I bet you are excited to have your first little boy on the way, too!! How are you feeling now?

I loved seeing the pics of the farmhouse where you are living; it looks like a great place!! How nice to have a big yard for the girls to play in. That is also neat that you are enjoying farm fresh milk this summer and that Lydia can drink it with no problem. I've recently been reading that raw milk is better for us than homogenized milk . . . don't know for sure the accuracy of that, but it sounds like it is good for Lydia's little system, anyway! :)

I noticed you had recommended "Created to be His Help Meet"--I love that book! I read it over a year ago, then read it again, and now have started through it a third time. I know there has been some controversy over it in Christian circles, but I found it REALLY helpful and God used it to bring about some very good changes in our marriage. So I am very thankful for it!!!

It looks like you have gotten to do some fun things in the midst of the busy ministry work, too. I'm sure you are all making some wonderful family memories! It must be great to have a summer when you can be involved in a ministry without having to factor in school work, too! Do you have any idea yet where God will be taking you in the future months? I'll be praying for direction for you! Well, it was nice to catch up with you--feel free to email me anytime or call if you happen to be going through our area! :)

Nadine Meyer said...

Beautiful pictures of the girls! Cant wait to see pictures of a little boy! Congratulations!