Monday, August 14, 2006

No More Excuses

This is Grace Baptist Church of Moncton, NB.

Saturday was a wonderful blessing both physically (because of the sunny weather in the morning) and spiritually.

You see, I hate going door to door. I'm not sure why I don't enjoy it; but there is something about the prospect of having someone slam the door in your face (it happened all too frequently to me when I lived in Chicago) that I long to avoid. Well, with Vacation Bible School coming up a week from today, we were going to pass out fliers inviting children to VBS and teens to a teen rally next weekend.

Thursday night when the group was supposed to go out it hadn' even crossed my mind to go because of course I need to get the girls put in bed. Well, Thursday night got rained out and rescheduled for Saturday morning. I really wanted to spend some time with JA, so I figured we could take the girls out with us (after all, all we were doing was placing the fliers in the mailboxes and talking to people who were outside). It turned out to be such a blessing going canvassing with the girls. I was a little bit leary about taking them, but hey Jehovah Witnesses' take their kids with them all the time. Plus, there isn't a better time to get them accustomed to inviting people out to church.

For the most part Kara had a great time. She really enjoyed helping to carry the fliers, and occasionally I would lift her up so she could put them in the mailbox (probably her favorite part). What a priviledge it is that Canada allows us to distribute literature into the mailboxes!

While we were out, Kara had the opportunity to play with a Sheltie puppy (the kind of dog I hope to own someday). While she was playing with the puppy I was able to have a wonderful conversation with the owner who seemed excited about the possibility of sending his boys to VBS.

JA also discovered some benefits to canvassing with the girls. He and one of the teens took Lydia in her stroller and were walking the opposite side of the road as Kara and myself. At one point he began talking with a lady who immediately put him off, but when she saw Lydia she softened up.

We ended up having a wonderful time canvassing, a great opportunity to train our girls, and a blessing to me to learn that canvassing does not always end in closed doors.

I definately plan to take the girls with us again (although I am still not going to take them out when it will interfere with bed time and other times of the day when they would be prone to grumble and complain. I can't think of a worse turnoff than to have fussy children.)


Kelli said...

Sounds like you had a profitable time canvassing and I am sure it was a help to have the girls! People automatically seem kinder when they see a baby, especially the ladies. Plus, it is a great time to set the example for the girls, because they will remember it!!

Can I assume by your baby ticker that the baby is a boy? =) Congrats!

Jon and Lacey said...

What a great opportunity for Kara to start learning outreach! And I definitely have experienced the magical effects a young one has on a stiff person - amazing!

Hope your pregnancy is going well!

carissa said...

LOVE THE PICS. Thanks for the encouragement about witnessing.What a GREAT lesson for our kids.