Saturday, August 19, 2006

An enjoyable day at the zoo

Thursday was a beautiful day. Amy and I took our five kids to the Magnetic Hill Zoo. We had a wonderful time. Lydia wasn't all that interested in seeing the animals; she was content to spend most of the time sitting in her stroller and watching life go by. However, Kara was exactly the opposite. She was eager to see everything and experience it all. We really enjoyed watching the Tiger get fed, and all of the kids loved feeding the deer (even Kara who three months ago was afraid to feed the giraffe). Because Kara was tired, I ended up renting a double stroller for the afternoon. By the end of the afternoon, we had Kara in Judah's umbrella stroller and all four of the other kids in the double stroller. We probably looked like a couple of insane moms, but we had a wonderful time.The zoo had a playground that the kids enjoyed playing on after we finished looking at the monkeys. Here you can see Kara and Judah sitting on the see-saw
This was my favorite picture from the day. You can see Judah was having a wonderful time feeding the deer. In fact, right after I took this picture he walked under the fence and tried to play with them.


carissa said...

that looks like so much fun. We attempted the zoo for the first time too in Iowa. What a fun time watching the kids and the animals. Glad you're doing well and God is using you to be a blessing to those around you!!

Jon and Lacey said...

Looks like you guys had so much fun! The girls are getting so big - they've grown a ton since May when I last saw them!!!

Leah (Parrish) Millan said...

Kids just make stuff fun all over again :) Thanks for your input re: strollers and soft carriers. It's amazing how you still need more stuff for baby #2! I am due Oct. 27th-- Yeah! I think we are due around the same time! Are you having to stock up on boy stuff? I was given soooooo much pink for Olivia-- it's like starting all over again!

Mwelwa said...

Hey J.A. and Tracy,

I was going to ask what you guys have been up to, but I see that with 5 kids and one on the way, you've barely got time to breath! Where are you guys at? Drop me a line some time. You can get my email off of my blog

Sarah said...

Tracy -
Looks like the zoo was a lot of fun! I have enjoyed checking your blog and am glad you are getting settled into your new ministry.
Oh and to answer your question, I am being induced on 8/31 not too much longer!