Saturday, August 12, 2006

A Family Day at Hopewell Rocks

Monday was JA's day off, so we finally went to one of the tourist attractions -- The Hopewell Rocks at Hopewell Cape. We had a wonderful time.

Here are the Rocks at High Tide
Here are the Rocks at Low Tide -- As you can see from the picture the difference is quite drastic.Kara had a blast walking on the ocean floor.
I was hoping we would be able to search for shells,
but the ocean floor was all rocks. We saw some kelp,
but no there were no other signs of sea life.

Lydia even enjoyed being on the ocean floor.
She would have loved to crawl around,
but the ground was so muddy and slippery
that we didn't dare put her down

Kara was more interested in looking at the ocean than
getting her picture taken. But Lydia was quite the ham.

We were finally able to get our picture taken together as a family.
After walking all day, Kara was quite tired. Since we were walking uphill (and I was already sore and tired from all the hiking), JA had to devise a way to get both girls up the hill. We turned the umbrella stroller into a double stroller. Kara loved it! Hopefully she doesn't try to convince us to do this everytime we go walking and put Lydia in the stroller.

Between High tide and Low tide we went for a drive to get the girls to sleep. We decided to drive to Cape Enrage. According to the map it was only a short drive away, but after driving for awhile without seeing any signs we began thinking we missed it. However, We soon found it. The drive was tedious in some places, and we wondered whether or not it had been worth the drive, but when we saw the view -- it was incredible.

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