Thursday, August 31, 2006

A Day at the Beach - Bouctouche

Saturday morning we followed Jason and Amy Cochran, and Bob Roberts, to the sand dunes at Bouctouche. Before going and walking the dunes, we stopped at an Acadian street market. The market was great. People were selling all different types of crafts and baked goods from jewelry, paintings, to soap, meat, and the biggest cinnamon rolls I've ever seen. JA bought me a new anklet, and we got Kara an Acadian flag necklace. We also got a few other things, but since we are giving those out as Christmas presents, I'm not going to expound.

After spending awhile at the market we continued the drive to the sand dunes. The dunes have a boardwalk that extends about 5 km (~2 miles). We didn't walk the entire thing (of which I am glad because I was tired after the little bit we did walk). We stopped midway and got down on the beach to allow the kids to collect shells.

Here Lydia is roaming the beach while Katie and Josiah let the waves lap up on their feet.

Kara and mommy stand in the Atlantic Ocean.

Is there Love in the air?
I actually think Judah is pulling Lydia's hair in this picture (he loves to play with her hair),
but it made a cute picture of the two of them.

Here is my favorite picture of the day!

Below are a few more pictures from our day at Bouctouche, including pictures of Kara collecting shells and the Cochran family playing in the ocean.


Tfipps said...

Tracy, We missed you today...Carissa, Shelly and I did a Beth Moore video (The Patriarchs). We prayed for you and JA.

Tata said...

What a treat. Now that my internet service is working again, I was delighted to find more pics. Bless you Tracy; you made my day!

Mwelwa said...

hey guys. it looks cold where you are. i'm enjoying shorts and t-shirt weather down here... and a side of tropical depression. we made it through ok. good pictures guys.


Josephsc said...

Hey good to hear about your summer as well. I am back at Northland and am pumped about this semester.


Jon and Lacey said...

What cute pics! The beach is beautiful. Your girls are getting so big!