Monday, August 28, 2006

The Dark Knight Unveiled

This past week we had Vacation Bible School -- Journey to Knighthood. Bob Roberts from Kids4Truth came and did all of the preaching for the week. The week was a blessing in many ways, and we had the opportunity to see one girl make a profession of faith. The teens were a great help both in the decorations for the week, and in assisting the various teachers with their classes.

Throughout the week, the kids had to determine who the Dark Knight was that hated candy, ice cream, kids, King Arthur, and most of all the Bible. This Dark Knight appeared every day threatening to ruin the King's impending wedding. Each day the kids would chase the Dark Knight away with their Bibles.Here is the Dark Knight -- Can you tell who he is?

The kids really enjoyed their game time. Here you can see the knights waiting for the next group of kids, and Princess Guineviere taking her students back to class.
Kara, who spent most of the week in the nursury, enjoyed getting out this day and having a sword fight with Mommy.
Here we have the closing program where they were about to announce the winning team.

At the end of the closing program, King Arthur and the Dark Knight had a sword fight. Unfortunately for the Dark Knight, his sword broke about thirty seconds into the fight, so he never had a chance. Sir Big Bob quickly unmasked this heinious villian -- only to discover the Dark Knight was none other than Sir Sagramore (aka my husband Pastor JA). This picture is of the Dark Knight being banished and fleeing from the kingdom.

We had a wonderful week, and the kids thouroughly enjoyed the week. In fact, one of the families from another church had such a wonderful time that their teenagers came to the teen rally and then the entire family showed up in church on Sunday. What a blessing and an opportunity to maybe see another family come to love the Lord.


Nadine Meyer said...

Sounds like you had a great VBS.
I have posted picture on my blog of Karyn Ainge's wedding ( if you remember her) and Heather and Kevin's wedding picures will be coming soon!

robertlhall said...

I knew JA was a scary evil creature!!

By the Way, are you guys in Kansas yet?

Tata said...

I love the pictures. My internet has been down for some time. So it was great to see all the new pics. I love you guys. I'm sure you'll let us all know when you're in Kansas. Love Mom