Monday, July 31, 2006

Oceans of Fellowship

Saturday morning, shortly before J.A. was going to leave to go study at the church, we received a phone call from Alex Henderson asking us if we wanted to go boating with some people from the church. So, at 1:00 we began driving out to the ocean. We had a wonderful time being able to visit with four different families from the church.
The above pictures is of Ruth Simmons, Jessica and Jacques Beau, Laurie and Alex Henderson (Andrew [Fuzz] and Heidi's parents).
Above is the Elton and Roberta Steeves and their son William.
And you already know who this handsome man is!
At first Kara was terrified to be on the boat;
as she got her sea legs, she became braver than I would like.
Lydia was comfortable just letting Daddy hold her
as she watched everyone swimming in the ocean
Kara couldn't decide whether or not she wanted to join Emily and Stephanie
in the water swimming, but she definately enjoyed being dipped in.

Wow, I was just thinking from all of my posts that it appears we are up here just having fun and playing. However, we have been quite busy with the church. JA spends every day at the church studying, preparing for VBS, and visiting people. I will be posting more on what we have been doing at the church when I remember to actually take the camara to the church.


Phil Hall said...

hey guys--I'm so happy for you guys that everything is working out well. J.A. quoting Psalm 34 is very accurate--praise the Lord for His provision in your lives! I've been praying for you guys. Love reading your blog--I'm working framing houses now. It's hard, but I praise the Lord for the job.

Tfipps said...

Sure, camp, swimming at the ocean...we know you guys are party animals. Just kidding! I am so excited that you are able to do all of these fun things, especially in a new place and ministry. I'm sure it helps with the adjustments.

Josh and Bekah Jones said...

Hi! I know that you are doing a lot of ministry but isn't the Lord good to allow some R & R time as well! PTL for His wisdom and grace. We are starting VBS #4 this Friday. The end is in sight. :)

Tata said...

Thank you so much for your faithful updates and pics. It helps so much to see you guys and the grandbabies changing so much. I feel like I am seeing them grow. Thanks for the El elohe it was a blessing,a good reminder for all of us. I would love to pass the book you recommended on to some of our African families. Tracy, I Love you so much. Tata

carissa said...

you guys look like you're having fun. I know you're super busy, but praise God for the great place to minister. Your blog and pics are awesome. We're in Ankeny. Love ya.