Sunday, April 25, 2010

Turning Six

From this April 27, 2004
to this Beautiful young lady in April 2010

Six years ago, I had the blessing of giving birth to my firstborn child. Kara's due date was May 7, and JA was to graduate on May 8. I knew without a doubt from when I first found out I was pregnant that Kara would be early. There is no way I could have handled JA's graduation, party, and all of our relatives that were coming for his graduation, from a hospital bed. Also, I wanted to be able to spend some time with just the three of us as a family before JA's mom came to stay with us for a month. So I just knew she would be early. And she was -- 10 days.Until Ezekiel was born, I would have to say that Kara was my easiest delivery -- I slept through labor and woke up to deliver her in a matter of minutes. However, it was not quite that simple. I did go into labor Monday night during our Uncommon Vessels Meeting, and several of the ladies at the meeting could tell I was in labor. I went home, slept, and got up Tuesday morning to go to my doctor's appointment. We left early because I was pretty sure I was in labor, but was not ready to go to the hospital. We walked around Wal-Mart for as long as I could handle it, and then went into the doctor's office. I told them I thought I was in labor, and instead of seeing the doctor they sent me to the hospital -- Oh, now I know! We walked over to the hospital, and were admitted. At 1:30 the doctor came in and broke my water and gave me some pitossin since my contractions weren't doing anything, and then they gave me an iv with stadol. Shortly after that I fell asleep. At 4:00 I woke up, and I think Kara was born at about 4:25. A nice easy uneventful labor.
To see more photos from Kara's first year with us, click here


Mary Ann said...

Such a pretty little girl! Happy birthday to Kara!

juliechall said...

Happy Birthday - a little late....I will have a package on the way soon. I love that sweet picture of her with the curly pigtails! I hope you had a wonderful day.