Sunday, April 18, 2010

Vacation Plans

Help!!! JA and I are considering moving up our plans to vacation in Hawaii to next spring. We have been planning to go to Hawaii for our 10th Anniversary which will be a year from this December. However, we currently have enough Airline miles for both of us to go for free (which will expire before our 10th Anniversary).

Now, this is where we need help. I know a lot of you have vacationed in Hawaii. Can you please share with me where you went in Hawaii, and why you think it's the best choice of destination? See, I need to start researching so we can decide where to go, but I don't even know where to begin. Also, what did you do in Hawaii that you think we would really enjoy doing ie. Climbing to the top of a volcano, taking a boat trip between islands, visiting Pearl Harbor, etc. . .

Thank you for your Help!!!


Mary Ann said...

Yippee! I love Hawaii - been there three times. Things I feel you must do on Oahu: Hike Diamond Head. Snorkle at Hanama Bay. Visit Pearl Harbor. Visit the North Shore & get a shave ice treat at Matsamoto's. Walk the beach at Waikiki & shop. Go to Waimea Bay & jump off the big rock into the water.
Maui: drive the road to Hana. It's an all day thing but you will love it. Get a Krispie Creme donut b/c I think this is the only island that has a Krispie Creme.
Kauai: Visit Hanalei. Rent a jeep & drive to the remote beaches. It's well worth it.
That's all I can think of right now. One thing to be very careful of, always safeguard your belongings. Hawaiians have a very blase attitude regarding theft. They don't really consider it much of a crime. My first trip out I had a lot stolen from me at the beach. Just be mindful of things.
I've only been to those three islands so I can't offer any advice on the Big Island. If you can, go there. I'd still love to.
I'm so excited for you guys - you will LOVE IT!

Katie said...

Mary Ann pretty much said all of the things I was thinking. Though I've never been to Maui. We went to Oahu & Kawaii on our honeymoon and LOVED it - we spent most of the time on Kawaii. And beware of those secluded and hidden beaches you find. Sometimes swimwear is optional, apparently! :)

Chris has been to the big island and Maui as well, but Kawaii is his favorite. Have a great time! We would love to go back too. Maybe for our 10th anniversary in another year.